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By Mick (ed) O'Hare

"Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?" is the 3rd compilation of readers' solutions to the questions within the 'Last observe' column of "New Scientist", the world's best-selling technology weekly. Following the exceptional good fortune of "Does whatever devour Wasps?" (2005) and the much more spectacularly profitable "Why do not Penguins' toes Freeze?" (2006), this most up-to-date assortment features a bumper crop of clever and lovely solutions by no means sooner than noticeable in ebook shape. As ordinary, the easiest questions usually have the main complicated solutions - whereas a few that appear the knottiest have extremely simple reasons. "New Scientist"'s 'Last note' is frequently voted the magazine's most well liked part because it celebrates all questions - the trivial, idiosyncratic, baffling and unusual. This all-new and eagerly awaited choice of the simplest back offers renowned technology at its so much unique and enlightening

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