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  • How fats should you be to develop into bulletproof?
  • Why do humans have eyebrows?
  • Why do pineapples have spines?
  • How a lot does a head weigh?
  • What impacts the colour of earwax?
  • How quick might I become a fossil?

have you notion up a query so thoroughly off-the-wall, so likely ridiculous, that you simply could not even locate the braveness to invite it? might be on the activities bar you have been transported through the wonderful thing about your beer to ask yourself, "How lengthy may perhaps I continue to exist beer alone?" Or, biking throughout the park, you mused, "Did nature invent any wheels?" Or having a look up on the evening sky, you had a second of angst, "What may ensue if the moon without warning disappeared -- if it have been vaporized or stolen by way of aliens?"

filled with enjoyable factlets, Does whatever devour Wasps? is a runaway bestseller world wide. It celebrates the bizarre and wacky questions -- a few trivial, a few baffling, all distinct -- and their a number of solutions culled from "The final Word," a long-running column within the the world over renowned technology journal, New Scientist. Tackling the imponderables of lifestyle, glowing with humor, and bursting with pleasant erudition, Does whatever consume Wasps? is irresistibly enjoyable and completely engrossing.

So, pass on. positioned away your lab coat and your pencil -- technology is enjoyable back.

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If,” suggested one, “we reach 10 years, I’d be amazed. , a witty and sometimes esoteric compilation of questions and answers from a column that shows no sign of running out of steam. In the last five years alone, readers have told us how fat you have to be to become bulletproof, why dark alcoholic drinks cause heavier hangovers than light ones, how to judge the amount of rain in a cloud, and why eating green potatoes can be downright dangerous. And “The Last Word” has even spawned a research project and scientific paper in the journal Physica A.

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Published by arrangement with Profile Books FREE PRESS and colophon are trademarks of Simon & Schuster, Inc. DESIGNED BY ERICH HOBBING Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication data is available. com Contents Introduction 1. Our Bodies 2. Plants and Animals 3. Domestic Science 4. Our Universe 5. Our Planet 6. Weird Weather 7. Troublesome Transport 8. Best of the Rest Index Introduction When, in 1994, New Scientist began publishing “The Last Word,” the magazine’s weekly column of everyday science questions and answers provided by readers, one of the editors asked how long we expected the column to run.

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