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By Dr. Oliver Romberg, Dr. Nikolaus Hinrichs (auth.)

Simply because examining this textbook might be enjoyable - yet as a facet impression the reader must also study the fundamentals of mechanics with out pain to a lot! Or to claim it extra formally: The scope of the textbook is to educate mechanics by way of uncomplicated examples from way of life rather than refined clinical techniques. The examples, supported through loads of cartoons, can assist to profit via institutions and sensible studies. an analogous textbook has now not existed earlier than - the phrases mechanics and enjoyable have constantly been contradictious.

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The first thing we do is draw a free-body diagram. At the start of every statics problem we therefore draw a correct free-body diagram. First we isolate the system by cutting it free. Isolate  the most, and we mean the very most, important thing of all. When isolating a free-body diagram for determining external reaction forces, it makes no difference at all what the system looks like internally (reeeaaallly important). There may be ropes, springs, hinges and all sorts of soft tissues built into it.

X Systems that exhibit a maximum of one force acting at each and every one of its supports are always statically indeterminate. Now is a good opportunity to go back over the examples covered in this section using our “counting rhyme”... have fun! Despite the energetic protest of Dr. Hinrichs, it is highly recommended that you check any system suspected of being statically indeterminate with the unscientific “wobble method”. This is quite simple: Pretending that the system being analyzed really exists as rigid structural members, we grab it with an imaginary hand and shake...

For this, let's consider Figure 27. The coefficient of static friction between the ice and the shoe soles is P01 for Newton's ornate rococo galoshes, and P02 for the high-quality maximum anti-skid Adidas tennis shoes of his opponent. 51 Here Newton employs a trick to outfox his adversary. In order to raise his friction force, he straps on a backpack. The question now is: How heavy must the backpack be in order that he can start pulling his opponent across the ice? Or to put it differently: At what backpack mass mR does the friction force FR2 on Newton's shoe soles reach precisely the value of FR1 (Adidas soles)?

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