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By Edward Enfield

On retiring, Edward Enfield made up our minds to journey France on his trusty Civic bicycle. This publication chronicles this eccentric Englishman's travel, providing somebody wishing to persist with in his motorcycle tracks a few crucial do's and dont's. the writer is a typical contributor to ''The Oldie'' journal.

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Frankly rejoicing in sexuality as a nourishing element in an integrated life, a bond between man and the cosmos, or satirizing customs based on habit and fear of public opinion, he wrote "O sweet spontaneous" (Tulips and Chimneys) and "she being Brand" (Is 5) and "i will be/ Moving in the Street of her" (And). A poem on Sally Rand, "out of a supermetamathical subpreincestures" 38 E. E. Cummings (No Thanks), is not only a celebration of the fan dancer of the 1930*5 but also a transcendental view of the wonder of life.

Finally, in 5*5 Poems and 73 Poems, Cummings came to a position whose simplicity may have surprised him: a filial relation to the Divine. So this was what it meant, the witty comment he made on his own struggles in Is 5: since feeling is first who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you; for life's not a paragraph And death i think is no parenthesis In his critical studies T. S. Eliot repeated his view that the entire output of certain writers constitutes a single work similar to an epic (The Divine Comedy or Williams' Patersori) and that individual pieces are endowed with meaning by other pieces and by the whole context of the work.

There is a flash of mocking humor in the repetition of the pedantic "entitled" in the ninth line of the poem, "(sestet entitled grass is flesh . " but even this line has a serious purpose: to reinforce the idea of a world where people merely exist. " Where in these two poems Cummings used, variously, lowercase and capital letters as controlling devices, in "there are 6 doors" (ViVa), it is repetition of the phrase "next door" that governs the orderly sequence. next door but One a on Dirty bed Mangy from person Porous sits years its of self fee(bly Perpetually coughing And thickly spotting Finally, "next door nobody/ seems to live at present .

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