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By Tracy Hickman

Booklet Date: July 1985

Dragons of battle is the 8th within the sequence of DRAGONLANCE adventures to be used with the complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS online game approach. incorporated are non-compulsory AD&D BATTLESYSTEM miniatures principles. you could play this experience on its own or as a part of the grand quest that spans the whole DRAGONLANCE saga.

Paperback: forty pages
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (July 1985)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0880380977
ISBN-13: 978-0880380973

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Each Sortie lists time and location of the battle, the forces involved and their objectives, specific orders, and conditions for withdraw al. The objective of the Dragon Highlord is to either take the tower or isolate the tower and march the army through the Westgate Pass into Palanthus. Historical Background Palanthus is the only deep-water port to survive the Cataclysm intact. It is also the center of learning and art on Ansalon. This prize has long been desired by the Dragon Highlords. The Dark Lady led the primary thrust of the Blue Wing armies across the broad Solamnic plains while Ariakas commanded the Red Wing armies to the south.

Units Engaged: All Whitestone forces Dragons Highlord’s forces: 5th Blue Flight All units 6th Blue Flight All units except the 9th Blue Dragonarmy Whitestone Orders: Hold the Westgate Pass and High Clerist Tower at all costs. Dragon Highlord Orders: All remaining forces of the 5th and 6th Blue Flights are thrown against the tower. Assault drops of draconians and dragon lightning will be employed to breach the walls and gain the tower. The Dragon Highlord’s forces will press the attack until 50% of her units are routed or destroyed.

Within the tower, encounters continue to occur normally as the Dragonarmy has no interest in entering the tower. 9-12 Barely hold with losses: Pressed hard from the wall in several places, the Solamnics somehow manage to hold back the terrible tide of evil. Yet they know that this was only a portion of the Dragonarmy that fought here today. Solamnics lose 10% of their force. 13-14 Barely hold with minor losses: As above except that the Solamnics only lose 5% of their force. 32 appendix 4: BATTLESYSTEM™ Optional Rules The Battle of the High Clerist Tower was actually a series of battles conducted during the siege of the tower.

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