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Plastic clip-on or slide-on headings can be bought to name each section of the file. 5 The diary, notebook or filofax This is essential at sixth form level and, indeed, earlier. It is helpful if you develop the habit of writing down every date, book, suggestion, reference, etc. which you meet during your working day, and it can contain a list of tasks which need to be completed. A shorthand pad is often advantageous because used pages can easily be torn out and discarded. You may also find it useful to insert at the front of the notebook the letters of the alphabet set out in order; this will help you when dealing with telephone directories, index references, library catalogues, etc.

One can say in general that if you are dyslexic it is likely that there will be a marked contrast between your intelligence test scores and your ability to spell and write essays. An accurate knowledge both of your strengths and weaknesses cannot but be helpful. 8). This particular test can often help you to understand more about the kinds of thing which you have found difficult and about why it has been necessary for you to think out particular compensatory strategies. Some dyslexics have found, after being given this test, that various earlier events in their lives ‘fit together’ as part of their dyslexia.

When you reach college, your ‘master plan’ will probably be the planner calendar in your room. When you are away from your room you will need to make entries in a diary. If this can serve the dual purpose of notebook and reference book Preparations for college 35 there is less risk of having ‘things to remember’ scattered in too many different places. A filofax can be very useful as it is already quite well organized and replacement sections can be bought each year. Many sections will be ongoing from year to year, and this saves tedious copying out.

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