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By Wilfred Beckerman (auth.), Prof. Dr. Herbert Giersch (eds.)

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3) Should distributional issues, which come up as intergenerational equity problems due to environmental degradation, be decided on the grounds of utilitarian, libertarian or contractarian (value) judgements? As concerns question (1), at the basis of ecocentrism as a normative theory lies the belief that moral values exist that are external to and independent of man and his interests and which man can nevertheless recognize and acknowledge: ecocentric ethics are, by definition, nonanthropocentric.

Moreover, ecocentrism 3 For a more detailed description of the three positions, compare Norton (1982, 1984), Parfit (1984), Edwards (1987) and Turner (1988b). 28 Johannes Heister and Friedrich Schneider is not necessary for establishing new environmental ethics. One could rather argue that environmental ethics is a question of deeper insight into humanity's own place in the universe, of more human self-respect, and, derived from that, of more respect for all of creation. Then, however, environmental ethics is anthropocentric: man's (moral) behavior with respect to nature can (and should) be developed further on the basis of conventional ethical reasoning.

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