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Historical Sociology of Empires Hermocrates persuaded the Syracusans to remedy their lack of discipline and organization by forming a war directorate. Then he addressed the representatives of the Dorian cities of Sicily: We have in front of us the example of the Hellenes in th

Commerce contributed material resources that Athens otherwise would not have had. The trading of goods, particularly "venting the surplus" of wine, oil, and skilled manufactures, for raw materials provided a net addition to the Athenian economy and thus a resource of public power that could be taxed. ) Second, and much more important, Athenian commerce pro'vided extensible resources. Trade accumulated money and goods that could be used to exercise influence and control at a distance. Money could bribe foreign leaders, supply armies far away from home bases, and purchase those goods which were not produced at home but were nonetheless needed to support fleets and· armies abroad.

Athens, Pericles declares, is a model to others; its democracy reflects the energies and creativity of the entire people. The empire is the direct product of the courage and imagination of previous generations of Athenians; it reflects their' ability and sacrifices. Imperial glory simplifies the task of 'ruling allies because, awed by Athenian might, they are less likely to revolt. At the same time the awed allies seek to associate themselves with Athenian glory and thus are less likely to want to revolt.

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