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Encyclopedia of Invasions and Conquests: from precedent days to the current КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: gray condo PublishingАвтор(ы): Paul ok. DavisЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2006Количество страниц: 631ISBN: 1-59237-114-0Формат: pdf (e-book)Размер: 29.8 mb RapidIfolder sixty eight

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9 PALESTINE, EGYPTIAN INVASIONS OF Considering the number of times Egyptian armies entered Palestine, it is somewhat ironic that the spur for their activity was an invasion that probably came from Palestine. For about 100 years the Egyptians had been ruled by the Hyksos, who introduced new weaponry (especially the chariot) to Egypt. , Egyptian rebels overthrew them. The Egyptian army that chased them back to their homeland was the first in a long line of forces to cross the Suez into Palestine.

The two sides maneuvered for position until 2 September 31, when Octavian’s forces won the naval battle of Actium, defeating Egypt’s navy. Octavian proceeded to invade Egypt against a disheartened CA LG I SARDINIA NUMIDIA Carthage A ti Black Sea Scale of miles ARMENIA AD 114-17 Later growth of Empire, with date of acquisition 1000 C a s p n S a tes R. e Euphra ia CYRENAICA Cyrene R e ARABIA AD 106 JUDAEA EGYPT Alexandria CRETE CYPRUS d S e a US THRACIA NT Byzantium O AD 44 P c S CAPPADOCIA A& ea NI Y MACEDONIA ASSYRIA AD 18 H T I B AD 115-17 ME SOP OTA MIA CILICIA Ti Antioch gr AD is AD 43 R.

Kushites conquered Thebes and Memphis, establishing themselves as rulers of Egypt and beginning the Twenty-fifth Dynasty. E. and forced the Kushites to return home, behind the protective barriers of the Nile cataracts. Though no longer a major factor in Egyptian history, the Kushites established a strong civilization along Egyptian lines. They copied Egyptian religion and government, and built temples and tombs heavily influenced by Egyptian architecture. Their capital at Napata, just south of the fourth cataract, was a major religious center for the worship of Amonre.

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