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By Charles W. Heckman

This paintings was once began to supply keys to the aquatic insect species identified from Brazil. the unique target was once to incorporate all genera identified from South the US and all species from Brazil, yet for many teams, the scope was once extended to surround all species in South the United States, and, at times, to incorporate terrestrial species of orders comprising either terrestrial and aquatic taxa. In no case is a taxonomic revision of any staff undertaken, even supposing thoughts for such revisions are integrated the place acceptable, and possible synonymy of nominal species nonetheless handled as legitimate within the literature is famous. assorted methods may be hired in keeping with the taxon being handled. For phylogenetic teams encompassing overwhelmingly or solely aquatic species, similar to the orders Plecoptera and Ephemeroptera or the households Dytiscidae and Culicidae, keys are supplied to differentiate all genera and species recognized to ensue in South the US. An attempt has been made to incorporate each identifiable species in order that the consumer ofthe key can ensure with moderate simple task even if his specimen belongs to a species that has already been defined or if it is one who isn't but recognized to technological know-how. the place possible, whole keys may be ready for teams containing either aquatic and terrestrial species that don't surround a very huge quantity ofspecies. This has already been performed for the order Collembola.

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27). ...... ........ p. 88 43 11. Gills are absent on the second abdominal segment and rudimentary or absent on the first segment. The third or fourth through seventh segments bear anterior or dorsal gills in the form of oval lamellae and posterior or ventral gills in the form of lamellae with numerous lobes. The abdominal tergites often bear paired tubercles (Fig. 30) Ephemerellidae There is only one ephemerellid species known from South America: Melanemerella brasiliana Ulmer, 1920. - Gills are always present on the first through fifth abdominal segments and usually on the first through seventh (Fig.

42 Campsurus evanidus: fore and hind wings (left), a section of the forewing showing a variant vein pattern (lower center), and the male genitalia (lower right) . Key to the genera of known larvae in South America Information for the key was provided by Eaton (1883-1888), Needham and Murphy, 1924, and, for general generic differences, Edmunds (1959) and Day (1963). Larvae in this family have been subject only to cursory study in South America. 1. The short, wide, robust mandibular tooth is modified for burrowing.

51 5. Vein AI in the fore-wing is forked near the wing margin . The abdomen is usually yellowish, sometimes with reddish lateral stripes or spots on the tergites . .. ... ... Potamanthidae No South American species are assigned to this family. - Vein Al in the fore-wing is unforked, but it is joined to the hind margin by three or more veinlets . Many short cross veins fill the space between the long veins along the posterior edge, especially in the hind wing. Both wings are hyaline and shiny, except for areas distinctly marked (Fig.

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