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Finally, all materials exhibiting significant levels of activity [2] are removed and the site is released for unrestricted use. The duration of decommissioning may be deliberately protracted to allow for additional risk reduction through radioactive decay. 32. As decommissioning proceeds, the potential for impact on the surrounding public from direct irradiation and discharged radionuclides changes in relation to that for the operational stage. Once fissile materials are removed from reactors or reprocessing plants there is no potential for a nuclear accident or for the release of short lived fission products.

Special programmes of individual monitoring may be undertaken for scientific purposes such as the validation of models or the provision of information for public reassurance. 31. Individual monitoring includes measurements of external doses with dosimeters carried by individual members of the public and/or measurements of the quantities of radioactive substances in the body or in excreta, and the interpretation of such measurements in terms of individual dose. 5. 1. The programmes of radiation monitoring include measurements of radiation fields at the source and in the environment, radionuclide content in the media of release and in the environmental samples and, in very rare cases, in the human body.

The operator should have the responsibility of establishing, carrying out and maintaining the 5 In some States, the main responsibility for environmental monitoring lies with the regulatory body or with other governmental agencies, in general agreement with IAEA guidance [21]. 14 (b) (c) appropriate equipment and programmes for the monitoring of discharges. Environmental monitoring referred to a given practice or source within a practice is only necessary for major practices and sources warranting a licence.

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