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This is especially serious in the ranches created in moist tropical forest in Latin America, as well as being unsustainable in the short term. EA's for ranches to be created from tropical forest, will point to the major irreversible and unavoidable environmental costs. 15. Ranches in natural range routinely need constant monitoring of carrying capacity to prevent overgrazing in the dry years. Domestic cattle are so dependent on drinking liquid water every day that overgrazing is difficult to prevent around water sources.

G) Social and/or economic policy support that gives the farmer both incentive and opportunity to minimize pest management costs and increase productivity on a sustainable basis. 16. Similarly, research on crop protection/pest management methods does not necessarily have to be sophisticated, but it should be comprehensive. , identification and classification of pests and natural enemies and evaluation of the impact of indigenous natural enemies on pest populations). (b) Development and improvement of pest-resistant crop varieties.

22. Fisheries, livestock development, and irrigation projects can have a negative impact on women's livelihoods and status when interventions increase women's burden without providing them additional assets or income. When mechanized fisheries activities (including shrimp) are introduced, women often lose labor opportunities because they lack new skills and access to marketing. 23. " Health risks resulting from processing cotton, such as byssinosis, are discussed in the "Public Health and Safety" section.

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