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This process results in a more uniform oxygen demand in the basin and a more stable environment for the microorganisms; it also results in a lower solids loading on the clarifier for a given mass of microorganisms.  Oxidation ditch. A circular aeration basin (racetrackshaped) is used, with rotary brush aerators that extend across the width of the ditch. Brush aerators aerate the wastewater, keep the microorganisms in suspension, and drive the wastewater around the circular channel. EN VI R ON M E NT AL EN C YC L OPE D IA 4 (c) 2011 Cengage Learning.

Freedman, David; Robert Pisani; and Roger Purves. Statistics. 4th ed. New York: W. W. Norton, 2007. 4 Marie H. Bundy EN VI R ON M E NT AL EN C YC L OPE D IA 4 (c) 2011 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. In chemistry, an acid is a substance that increases the hydrogen ion (Hþ) concentration in a solution and a base is a substance that removes hydrogen ions from a solution. In water, removal of hydrogen ions results in an increase in the hydroxide ion (OH-) concentration. Water with a pH of 7 is neutral, while lower pH values are acidic and higher pH values are basic.

It is a naturally occurring compound that is found in plants and is released during the metabolism of fat in the body. It is also found in volcanic gases, and is manufactured by the chemical industry (sometimes under the label ‘‘2-propanone,’’ a chemical synonym). Acetone is also found in the atmosphere as an oxidation product of both natural and anthropogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It has a strong smell and taste, and is soluble in water. The evaporation point of acetone is quite low compared to water, and the chemical is highly flammable.

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