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By I. Assenmacher, D. S. Farner (auth.), Ivan Assenmacher MD, DSc, Donald S. Farner PhD, DSc (eds.)

From eleven to fifteen July 1977 approximately 60 physiologists, endo­ crinologists, ecologists and different biologists from 14 nations convened on the college Montpellier for a symposium on Environmental Endocrinology. This meet­ ing was once geared up as a satellite tv for pc Symposium of the twenty seventh foreign Congress of Physiological Sciences, Paris, 18-23 July 1977. This quantity is a list of the com­ munications provided on the symposium. The goals of this system have been to check the position of the endocrine procedure in a large spectrum of changes and variations to adjustments in environmental stipulations via numerous spe­ cies of animals, together with guy, and to advertise an ex­ swap of principles between investigators who've approached those capabilities from varied points. the variety of the knowledge and ideas communicated is superb. Of necessity, they signify simply a really modest se­ lection of the various elements of endocrine functionality within the interplay of animals with their environments. Be­ yond the usefulness of the communications separately, we are hoping that they jointly display the substan­ tial heuristic price of the concept that of environmental endocrinology because it was once perceived via the individuals. We recognize gratefully the kindness and sympathy of Professor Jaques ROUZAUD, President of the collage of Montpellier II, for his beneficiant extension of the hospitality of the college to the Symposium. we're so much thankful to Mrs. Monique VIEU who effected so good the secretarial association of the Sympos.

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In recaptured animals it has been possible to describe ovarian cycles of individual toads in nature. In Denmark, populations of Bufo bufo bufo exhibit a short breeding period, usually in April, when the mature eggs are ovulated. After the breeding season, the ovaries enter a resting phase in which only smaller oocytes are present (Fig. 1). Eventually, some of these oocytes will begin rapid growth by depositing yolk. The period of recruitment to this final growth stage lasts about a month, whereas growth continues until the oocytes have reached full size within about three months.

To avoid stress influences during sampling, the fish were netted in groups of about six, anesthetized, and blood samples were taken, following which the fish were killed. Fish with mature and maturing oocytes had daily variations in the levels 24 of serum GtH that were statistically significant or near significance under each of the four temperature-photophase combinations. Fish with regressed or immature ovaries in general had less variation in the levels of serum GtH, although there were significant differences in the two groups at the high temperature.

J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. L. DE: The effects of temperature and photoperiod on reproductive cycling in the estuarine gobiid fish Gilliahthys mirabilis. Fish. Bull. : The reproductive cycle of the viviparous seaperch, Cymatogaster aggregata Gibbons. Can. J. Zool. , with special reference to the function of the pituitary gland. Mem. Fac. , Hokkaido Univ. 11, 1-64 (1965) 3. Environmental Regulation of Annual Reproductive Cycles in the Catfish H eteropneustes fossilis B. I. SUNDARARAJ Teleost fishes, which occupy a wide variety of ecologic niches, generally exhibit an annual reproductive rhythm (see DE VLAMING, 1972, 1974; SUNDARARAJ and VASAL, 1976).

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