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By Ronald E. Martin (auth.), Ronald E. Martin (eds.)

Microfossils are supreme to environmental reviews simply because their brief new release occasions let them reply swiftly to environmental swap. This e-book represents an review of the development made in environmental micropalaeontology and units out destiny learn instructions. The taxa studied are more often than not foraminifera, yet contain arcellaceans, diatoms, dinoflagellates, and ostracodes. The papers themselves variety from studies of purposes of specific taxa to precise case experiences.

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1995; Shear, 1996; Yazvenko and Rapport, 1996). In coastal settings, large numbers of foraminifers can be collected in small sample volumes; moreover, tests are often preserved in sediment, allowing comparison between anthropogenic and preanthropogenic conditions. , 1992). , 1994; see also in this volume Bresler and Yanko, Ch. 10); or (2) species or groups of species indicating pollution impact by their absence, presence, or abundance. Before using foraminiferal assemblages as pollution indicators in paralic environments, a precise understanding of their response to environmental variables is necessary.

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