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By Spike Gildea (Ed.), Francesc Queixalós (Ed.)

This quantity provides a typological/theoretical advent plus 8 papers approximately ergative alignment in sixteen Amazonian languages. All are written via linguists with years of fieldwork and comparative adventure within the area, all describe information of the synchronic platforms, and a number of other additionally supply diachronic perception into the evolution of those platforms. The 5 papers partly I concentrate on languages from 4 greater households with ergative styles essentially in morphology. The typological contribution is in distinctive attention of bizarre splits, alterations in ergative styles, and parallels among ergative major clauses and nominalizations. the 3 papers partially II talk about genetically remoted languages. current dominant ergative styles in either morphology and syntax, the opposite a syntactic inverse method that's predominantly ergative in discourse. In each one, the authors display that id of conventional grammatical kin is frustrating. those information will determine in all destiny typological and theoretical debates approximately grammatical family.

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1 Verb agreement suffixes: Nominative-accusative Verbal person subject agreement distinguishes only first/second person vs. third person, occurs only with some inflections, and is usually redundant due to case marking on nouns. Therefore, it is of limited use for identifying grammatical relations. In contrast to case marking, person agreement follows a nominative-accusative pattern, agreeing with the A (4a, b) or S (4c, d), and never with objects or obliques (Table 11). ) Dëmushbo: (4) a. ’ Table 11.

1990. The acquisition of ergative languages. Linguistics 28: 1291–1330. Queixalós, F. 2004. Split transitivity and coreference in Katukina. In Ergativity in Amazonia III, Francesc Queixalós, 175–188. Paris: CELIA-CNRS. htm>. Queixalós, Francesc. To appear. Antipassive and split transitivity in a syntactically ergative language: The case of Katukina-Kanamari. ). Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Rasolofo, Andoveloniaina. 2006. Malagasy Transitive Clause Types and their Functions. PhD dissertation, University of Oregon.

Head marking Mayoruna verbs are minimally inflected for tense, and generally also for mood, evidentiality, and/or subject person agreement using portmanteau suffixes and/or suffix combinations (Fleck 2007b). Person agreement suffixes, which are present in all the Mayoruna languages, may be replaced by first-person pronominal enclitics, which are present in only some of the Mayoruna languages. Both the agreement suffixes and the clitics show interesting alignment patterns, and will be discussed in turn in the subsections of the present section.

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