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By Waldemar Jochelson, F. W. Hodge

Jochelson, Waldemar. 1905. Essay at the grammar of the Yukaghir language. Annals of the recent York Academy of Sciences 5:2. 97-151.
I took up the learn of the 2 dialects of Yukaghir language in 1895-97 in the course of my participation within the Yakut day trip, geared up out by way of the Russian Imperial Geographical Society [...] I mastered the Yukaghir language sufficiently to acquire complete command in their grammatical kinds, and never in simple terms to take actual list of the texts, but in addition to communicate freely in it.

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Ca’rxtrir-iiiolo’jeh (gloves), from ca’rwm (fingers) and molo’je (mittens, mittens with fingers), k, suffix of accusative definite case. See 5s 12, 20. 7 . Mo‘rofiitm/e. e, suffix of the third person, plural number, present preterite, definite conjugation (see $82). Ca’rxtln-iiiolo;;e/Zekis in the singular number, since in the Yukaghir language it is sufficient if the idea of plurality is expressed in the predicate only. 8. Nn’te-ti-abtttek~ (mask), from wn’ie (face), n ’ h ‘ (cover) ; k, suffix of the accusative definite (0 1 2 ) ; N is inserted between the IWO vowels.

ASPECTSOR DEGREES OF ACTION. $ 100. Derivative verbs indicating degrees of action are formed by means of suffixes, except those in 107. The suffix i indicates singleness of action, that a certain action was performed only once and within a short period of time : pn'rmdti to cook once. po'tide to cook 5 102. The suffix ii expresses an action in diminutive form, limits the volume of it : pa'tide-Ei to cook a little $ 103. The suffix mt expresses the iterative form of the action : pandi'-tiii to cook several times.

Those xdrt2'8nttI. 71 70 nttiii'tgi bones his 4ie'fecteLfe having dried 73 74 15 76 12 tatriit'eiintti. Tabti'de yd~f-nititi'i~ge[e xo'ideiii. Tnbii'ngele clothed. That his skull worshipped. For that 71 78 19 80 81 32 c@k( ~vro'mo-ti'feci'iiam, coroniodetile coyottio-titefii'o niintn. (of) wood manlike made trunk his manlike made. 83 34 Ed'-d-nttiti'tt(~etile f2 His skull thence 33 ti'yiiinm, made 35 tiuce'feciiniti. set on. 39 90 itio'ppedeu/e (i'iinin. d p s his made. 94 95 e' fe-kie'-tii'oii cett'reiinni .

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