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By Robert T. Harms

A part of a chain that provides as a rule linguistic and anthropological learn and teaching/learning fabric on a zone of serious cultural and strategic curiosity and value within the post-Soviet period.

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JoAn+on). ' ' (Z) C 1 C 1 +C > C 1 +C. , ikalt+poAltt 'from all aides' (from ikaltt+poAltt), pit+kalt 'a long ~. I f I I box' (from pikK+kaat). pimetat+hbrtt 'blind mouse (part. )' (from pimetatt+hhrtt). , ril+telt 'croll ror-d•' (from rilt+te~t). rlhvas+U:fs 'full of people' (from rbvut+tlll). ' .. CHAPTER 7. m. MORPHEMICS Inflection. -All inflection in Estonian is b s Y ufflxation. occur with each 8 t it is possible to establish three inflectional w d 1 em. or c asses: nouns verbs, and parti c 1es.

K'lno/, rat sy able. /o/ is found in loanwords fuaion of the movies,' I+Jino/ 'kilo') or as the result of the :terventng ,:;~ /on/ 'is' with the preceding word without an free variation:~~ f+ka\ion/ 'the kvau is ••• '). / is found type l+iihip/ 'h , e/ in the second syllable of words of the e goes (cf. 13 below). 3Z t of all possible clusters of Unlike,.. Thirty- 8 ~ 7~~~JS Vz in such clusters is never /ii 0 are attested ( llable however, only three tnonoayllab· I. B ond the first sy ' I >e ey f d• i e /e u a/ plus /i .

Al•ti-17> > alati 'doctor (part. A-1 > au&aid 'some aida' ~~e&tta-I > peltti 'one helcl' __. tslU.. If by vi:rtu:re of [b] and [3]). [a] (5) Gradation. , ~PA-L). , tuPa-L > tol 'of the room, • piJ. elu 'of the ban,' au-AnTA-L > sAuna 'of the direction. n·· . /lf in the syllabic nuc . , joKI·L > jo~ 'of the river,' luKe-Llo~- 'reads,' a~KA-L > aja 'of time,' 1oAKA-L > 1o1 'of the tether,' rilkKI-L > rliki 'of the kingdom, rdkKi-L- > rlaki- 'speaks,' afKA-L > ara 'of a cowardly ... ' (b) upo th n e morphophonemic juncture J(+)/ and the occurrence of stress!

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