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By Karen Hellekson, Kristina Busse

Enthusiasts were responding to literary works because the days of Homer's Odyssey and Euripedes' Medea. extra lately, a few technological know-how fiction, fable, media, and video game works have came across dedicated fan followings. the appearance of the web has introduced those teams from quite constrained, face-to-face agencies to simply obtainable international groups, during which fan texts proliferate and are commonly learn or even extra broadly commented upon. New interactions among readers and writers of fan texts are attainable in those new digital communities.

From Star Trek to Harry Potter, the essays during this quantity discover the realm of fan fiction--its reasons, the way it is created, how the fan studies it. Grouped by means of material, essays disguise issues resembling style intersection, sexual relationships among characters, personality development via narrative, and the function of the beta reader in on-line groups. The paintings additionally discusses the terminology utilized by creators of fan artifacts and reviews at the results of technological developments on fan groups.

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By emphasizing Chigurh’s utter indifference to his own decoy explosion, the shot emphasizes the singular focus of his criminal insanity. He is, in this moment, cinematic kin to Michael Myers of the Halloween series and Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise: an unstoppable force of pure evil that appears to be something other than human. When used to suggest a sense of psychotic detachment in a character, explosive apathy can take on an aspect of the uncanny, casting doubt on whether “an apparently animate being is really alive; or conversely, whether a lifeless object might not be in fact animate” (Freud 226).

Though dressed in rustic overalls and faded flannel, Big Jim and Billy Sol’s enthusiasm for all things explosive was less a commentary on bumpkin taste than a window on Hollywood’s then growing emphasis on the teenage market for the action blockbuster. ” For King, the impact aesthetic depends on rapid editing and a consistent staging of action in such a way that bodies, vehicles, explosions, debris, and other projectiles hurtle towards the camera (and thus the viewer). The typical action sequence, he notes, alternates between shots emphasizing lateral movement and those showcasing a type of “in-your-face” blocking that pushes the action through the fourth wall and into the spectator’s lap.

Smart satire possesses an almost uncanny ability to see into the future, its comic hyperbole divining emerging currents that will later dominate the cultural landscape. So it was with “Farm Film Report,” a recurring sketch featured on NBC television’s comedy series of the early 1980s, SCTV.  Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf make their escape in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009). Courtesy Paramount / The Kobal Collection. 28 Jeffrey Sconce ­ ayseed movie critics entrusted with their own pre-dawn “Siskel and h Ebert” reviews.

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