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By Berta Scharrer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Berta Scharrer, Priv. Doz. Dr. Horst-Werner Korf, Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Hartwig (eds.)

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Using double immunocytochemical staining, Armstrong (1985) thus demonstrated a direct cholinergic innervation ofVP-secreting neurons in the SON. The combination ofimmunocytochemistry and autoradiography enabled the visualization of direct catecholaminergic (Fig. 1A) and GABAergic innervation of these neurons (Silverman et al. 1984; Tbeodosis et al. 1986b). At the present stage, it is certainly the catecholaminergic innervation of VPsecreting neurons that is best understood at both the morphological and functionallevels.

Nature 317:248-250 Discussion Morris: I have two points. First, I think that we should be careful in attributing the function of coordinating oxytocinergic neurons to the extensive cell-to-cell contacts that you have illus- Morphofunctional Patterns of the Neuronal Systems 35 trated. Although this was initially an attractive hypothesis in view of the increase in such contacts during lactation, at which time oxytocinergic cells are coordinated, recent joint work by Theodosis' and my group indicate that an increased contact of equal magnitude also occurs in conditions of osmotic stimulation, when oxytocinergic cells do not show coordinated electrical activity.

Means ± SE, n = number of experiments I 6 10 •- - - ! - - . J control 0 30 5 60 90 [min] ANGn icv. ANGn icv. 5 Urine flow [mi. 5 Osmolality o Urine osmolality500 [mOsm.

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