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By B. Runnebaum, T. Rabe, L. Kiesel

Atrophy of gonadotrophin generating cells Exogenously LH synthesis administered androgens and unlock or anabolic steroids are diminished Prostate Testes general functionality. Testosterone synthesis within the deficit of endogenously Leydig cells is reduced. The synthesized testosterone is exogenously administered compensated for via the steroid isn't in a position to exogenously administered catch up on the deficit of steroid endogenously synthesized testosterone determine 2 Intratesticular and serum testosterone concentrations after remedy with andro­ gens or anabolic steroids so as to replacement for the peripheral androgen deficiency and to accomplish azoospermia. simply because this steroid is alkylated in place 17, poisonous results on liver functionality can't be excluded. Danazol bargains no benefits in comparison with different anabolic steroids; particularly, dangers. various experiments of this sort were played over the last forty or 50 years. the end result in every one case used to be kind of exact: with a undeniable dose of an androgen or anabolic steroid it truly is attainable to inhibit spermatogenesis with out interfering with different androgen-dependent func­ tions, together with libido (potentia coeundi) and accent sexual glands. at the foundation of this pharmacological-endocrinological heritage, androgens and anabolic steroids can be utilized for male fertility keep an eye on, and a number of other medical trials were played over the past 10-15 years. a few of 1 those reviews 2-23 are pointed out in desk 2.

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These compounds are applied in one single injection with a duration of action of 3 and 2 months, respectively. g. endometrium carcinoma in rhesus monkeys) could not be confirmed in large clinical studies. , 1980). Other problems arising from the application of DMPA are bleedings, amenorrhoea and prolonged recurrence of fertility after withdrawal of DMPA. The main reason for the development of new steroidal injectables is the fact that the currently available drugs do not release their substances con- 22 FUTURE ASPECTS IN CONTRACEPTION tinuously.

This new generation of vaginal contraceptives consists of sponges and tampons produced from different materials such as collagen, polyurethane, polyester or cotton. Recent studies have shown that the beta-blocking propranolol can also be used as a locally effective spermatocide. Propranolol has been investigated in its steric as well as in its D-isomeric form and has been proved to be an effective inhibitor of sperm motility. Propranolol is resorbed by the vagina and, in addition, is, in small amounts, secreted by the sperms.

The most important antigens around and in the oocyte are in the follicular fluid, the cumulus oophorus, the corona radiata, the zona pellucida, the membrana vitellina, the oocyte membrane and the oocyte cortex. The specific antibodies against the ovum AN OVERVIEW 43 can prevent oocyte maturation, ovulation, and loosening of the cumulus and the corona, and thereby prevent sperm penetration. Furthermore, they can influence negatively the fixation of the zona pellucida and the membrana vitellina, the passage of the oocyte and of the embryos through the genital tract, and, finally, the repulsion of the zona pellucida and the implantation.

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