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By Susanne Alleyn

Paris, 1796. Aristide Ravel, freelance undercover police agent and investigator, is faced with a double homicide in a modern house. The sufferers end up to be C?lie Montereau, the daughter of a filthy rich and influential relatives, and the guy who was once blackmailing her.C?lie's enigmatic and sour good friend Rosalie Cl?ment offers Aristide with intelligence that steers him towards Philippe Aubry, a tender guy with a violent prior who were in love with C?lie. in response to an eyewitness, in spite of the fact that, Aubry couldn't have murdered C?lie. As time passes, Aristide unearths himself falling in love with Rosalie, albeit reluctantly, as he suspects that she understands extra in regards to the murders than she is going to say.When Aristide uncovers facts that issues to Rosalie herself, he needs to examine whom she is holding and why ahead of he can receive justice for C?lie and shop Rosalie from the guillotine. From the gritty again alleys of Paris to its glittering salons and caf?s, in the course of the center of the feverish, decadent society of post-revolutionary France, Aristide's research leads him right into a puzzle related to hidden secrets and techniques, crimes of ardour, and long-nurtured hatreds.With intricate French cultural surroundings, writer Susanne Alleyn has created a worldly and classy secret set within the uneasy and turbulent years among the fear and the increase of Napoleon. "Police procedural lovers and old novel buffs, have a good time! Susanne Alleyn's fast moving online game of endurance is an engrossing, richly particular whodunit set in edgy, post-revolutionary Paris. From the hole guillotine scene to the wrenching why-dun-it denouement, i used to be riveted."---Karen Harper, manhattan instances bestselling writer of The deadly Fashione and The final Boleyn "Susanne Alleyn's online game of persistence is a well-crafted historic secret, genuine in each element. splendidly entertaining."---Sandra Gulland, writer of  The Josephine Bonaparte Collection "Post-revolutionary Paris is the environment for this refined and fashionable novel, a real secret, penned by means of Americna writer Susanne Alleyn, who creates the ambience of these pre-Napoleonic days that demanding situations the talents of Caleb Carr of The Alienist fame."---Big Sleep Books

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And over there, in the cabinet in the bottom of the buffet, we found a case with a matching pistol in it. ” Aristide glanced at the marble-topped buffet. A single half-empty wine glass stood on it, surrounded by a few deep crimson splotches, a fine film of dust floating on its ruby surface. ” Brasseur exclaimed. “When will you blockheads learn to leave things as they were? Don’t you understand how much you can learn, sometimes, from something as trifling as that? ” Aristide pointedly ignored Didier and strode out to the landing to turn back the sheet covering the dead man’s face.

He brushed his fingertips across a hole partially disguised by the pattern of the wallpaper. Bending, he picked up the fallen engraving in its frame and held it against the wall. “You see? ” He rehung the print on its peg. “See here, it’s plain: Saint-Ange recognized his murderer and defended himself as best he could, pushing furniture in the murderer’s way. He was trying to get to his own pistols, there in the buffet. They might have struggled. ” said Brasseur. ” “In the struggle, the murderer either fired at Saint-Ange and missed—we should look for bullet holes in the opposite wall—or else he didn’t want to waste his shot in the chance of shooting wide.

He wasn’t wearing his hat when I saw him run out,” Grangier said at last. “Must have been carrying it under his arm. But he wore it when he came back. A round one, low-crowned, with a wide brim. Dark. ” Brasseur added a few more notes in his own notebook. “Good. Let’s go through your statement again. At about six o’clock in the evening, you heard someone running up the stairs, but didn’t see him. Then, a little while later—How long? Ten minutes? ” “Ten minutes later, you heard footsteps running down the stairs, and you saw a young man rushing out the street door, but only from the back.

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