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By Iain Fletcher

"It's all on. each pound left within the account. Why am I doing this?" this can be what Iain Fletcher's 365 days as a "pro" at the making a bet exchanges had come down to—80 mins on a mid desk Rugby League online game. the writer of the acclaimed On Tilt was once given cash by way of a number one matched having a bet corporation, and given yr to show a revenue and research the intricacies of the hot on-line making a bet phenomenon. video game, Set and Matched is the attention-grabbing diary of his efforts to grasp Matched making a bet. alongside the way in which he info the way to wager effectively at the exchanges on every kind of activities from horse racing to football and rugby to golfing. also, he highlights the monetary and mental disciplines required to return out forward.

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Not for me it wasn’t. Vaughan gone then Butcher and the ball was going up and down like ‘Penicillin Penny, friend to all the sailors’. The new ball just would not behave. One shot along the floor, 34 IAIN FLETCHER the next did a Harrier – that is leap off a length or bounce much more steeply than expected and is so called because of the fighter plane, the Harrier jump jet that was famous for its vertical takeoff. I was in the blissful state where I didn’t care who got out, as long as someone did and, by Jove, did they?

Well, England 0 for1 in the last over of the day was near enough the end for me. The opening over of the day had me losing money and through sensible trading, good partnerships by the Boks and that late decision I was in profit. Not concrete yet because I didn’t close my book as it were, but if I wanted to I could have done. Now that is a day of Test cricket and I wandered to Hove station for the train to London with a jaunty step and a tune to whistle. Just wish I hadn’t sprinkled the floor. Never mind.

Because I never bet that aggressively in stake terms I can do that, and have made small profits doing so. This is my kind of horse racing betting because it is part system and part enjoyment but it is also reliant on the fact that the smaller amounts traded during a race are still big enough to accommodate my strategy. If I needed to trade £3000 mid-race I would struggle. The problem with the horses on Betfair or the other exchanges is that it is a damned hard grind. Sitting in front of a screen watching decimal numbers tick back and forth is as hard a job as any I have ever attempted before.

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