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By Ramez N. Eskander, Robert E. Bristow

During this age of complex expertise, there's a major volume of dynamic literature surrounding the analysis and remedy of gynecologic cancers. regardless of this data surplus, residence officials and junior college learning gynecologic oncology point out a necessity for a competent, simply obtainable, streamlined source for daily use. Gynecologic Oncology: A Pocketbook is a collaborative attempt that mixes the views of specialist school and fellows in education within the box of gynecologic oncology. not just is it awfully moveable, however the structure within which the data is gifted (bullet aspect, define, tables and diagrams) makes it possible for fast entry to helpful details and is exclusive among present texts. This specified pocketbook will give you the info had to deal with sufferers with gynecologic malignancies safely and may advertise serious pondering all through treatment.

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7 months, 31 of 32 patients were alive. Only one patient died and it was unrelated to the ovarian disease process. • Due to the low percentage of actively dividing cells that are present in borderline ovarian tumors, these are thought to be relatively resistant to standard cytotoxic agents. • Furthermore, adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with ovarian serous borderline tumors with invasive peritoneal implants showed no improvement in time to recurrence or overall survival. • As noted earlier, even patients with advanced-stage disease can be expected to have excellent overall survival rates.

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