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Corridor of Heroes offers whole histories and AD&D video game information for such cherished characters as Elminster, the best sage and magic person of the geographical regions, Tristan Kendrick and Robyn of the Moonshae isles, Wulfgar the Barbarian, Drizzt the darkish elf, and Bruenor the dwarf, all from the northern reaches, plus Alias and Dragonbait, Shandril and Narm Tamaraith, and lots of extra.

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The might of the sword and the king drove the beast back to the darkened recesses of his home, badly wounded but not killed. There it remained for many centuries. Cymrych Hugh returned to Callidyrr to build the spectacular Caer Callidyrr, the seat of the high kings, and to deal with his sorrow. Queen Allisynn: Cymrych Hugh survived the war with Kazgaroth, though he was sorely wounded. His young queen, Allisynn, was not so fortunate. In honor of his love for this queen, Cymrych Hugh had a palace created to house her body and vast treasures.

Background: Tristan was prince of Corwell, son of King Bryon Kendrick of the royal line of Corwell. His mother died a few years after he was born, and his father mourned her for 10 years after that, in some part blaming Tristan for her death. King Bryon was determined to make his son a good ruler for Corwell, but lacked the ability to make such a goal interesting to Tristan. Bryon also had the care of Robyn, the young daughter of the great druid, Brianna Moonsinger, who had died trying to destroy Kazgaroth single-handedly.

Raash only accepts interesting work, giving more mundane assignments to one of the two sages who work under him. His fees are five times normal, and those of his assistants are three times normal. Their specialties are zoology and ecology. They are particularly knowledgeable about enchanted creatures. Drake “Deepcups” — Iriaebor: He is a short, stout, bearded man of around 60 winters. He is famous for his written works on dwarfish history and social customs. He speaks and writes all known forms of dwarfish fluently, and with a flawless accent.

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