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By Steven S. Long

The Hero procedure has a brand new variation out, and it really is greater than ever! Incorporating every thing now we have realized from over 28 years and enter from the main fervent fanatics within the undefined, the sixth variation ideas are in complete colour and hardcover for the 1st time, simply in time for the recent pleasure being equipped up through the Champions mmo! this is often quantity II, the wrestle and adventuring principles, and isn't an entire video game; quantity I can also be wanted for the entire ideas set.

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A character can increase his forward leap by +2m for every 1 Character Point. In campaigns that use the Movement Maxima rules (6E1 50), the cost-doubling breakpoint for Leaping is 10m. It’s impossible to change direction once a leap has started — there’s no way to leap around a corner, for example. It’s possible to perform a leap of up to half the character’s meters as a Half Move. For some leaps, characters may have to make Attack Rolls to land on the target point (see Leaping, 6E1 243). When a character lands from a leap, he doesn’t hurt himself, and generally causes no damage to whatever he lands on unless he’s performing a Move Through or the GM rules otherwise.

For information on how to create weapons using the HERO System rules, see Chapter Seven of 6E2. Martial Arts: A character who has received special training in unarmed or armed combat styles can buy Martial Arts. Martial Maneuvers modify a character’s CV and damage, and sometimes provide abilities ordinary Combat Maneuvers do not. ) Two-Weapon Fighting: A character who wants to fight with a weapon in each hand has several options. Making multiple attacks in a Phase, either against one targets or multiple targets, involves the Multiple Attack Combat Maneuver (6E2 73).

Attacker makes an Attack Roll (3d6). He adds 11 to his OCV, then subtracts the roll from that total. That tells him the DCV he can hit. 4. If the Attack Roll fails (because the target’s DCV is higher than the DCV the attacker can hit), the attack misses, and the attacker’s Phase ends. The GM moves on to the next character who has a Phase in that Segment. 5. If the Attack Roll succeeds (because the target’s DCV is equal to or lower than the DCV the attacker can hit), the attacker hits; determine the damage and any effects of damage.

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