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By Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, F.D. Dallenbach

Even supposing the aim and scope of this monograph stay unchanged, i've been obliged to revise and rewrite many sections to maintain speed with the hot progress in wisdom of endometrial pathology and body structure. New wisdom emanates from each area, engendered by way of more suitable meth­ ods of analysis in nearly each subspecialty, by way of exemplary cooperation among disciplines, and particularly through the alternate of rules the world over. however, of illnesses is everchanging. a few, as soon as universal, develop into infrequent or perhaps disappear. Others unexpectedly seem, distinct and formerly unknown. elevated durability, smooth methods of dwelling and new tools of deal with­ ment have transformed or augmented the medical and diagnostic difficulties confront­ ing us. for that reason, remedy with hormones and intrauterine birth control re­ ceive designated consciousness, commensurate with the significance afforded them this day. below the principle "nil nocere," the virtually limitless makes use of for those brokers warrant that their results be rigorously monitored through specific morphological stud­ ies, a prerequisite that succeeds basically whilst clinician and pathologist cooperate heavily. The sections on techniques for acquiring endometrial tissue, on steroid receptors, on sensible disturbances, and on spontaneous abortion were replaced or multiplied to include new proof from contemporary discoveries that now look major. in simple terms time, although, will end up their real worth. a lot of old curiosity within the textual content has been left intact, for "who desires to learn into the longer term, needs to seek advice the previous" (Andre Malraux).

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Its glands are sparse, narrow, and straight, embedded in a dense stroma of spindly cells. The regenerating superficial epithelium remains flat. The epithelial cells of the glands are low columnar; their cytoplasm contains little RNA. Their nuclei appear small, oval and the chromatin dense. Nucleoli are inapparent. The spindleshaped stromal cells are all alike, poorly differentiated and well anchored in the reticulum network. The chromatin of their nuclei is dense, surrounded by scanty cytoplasm (Fig.

The close interaction between hormones and enzymes in the endometrium takes on clinical significance, since demonstrating the presence or absence of an enzyme may permit valuable conclusions to be drawn about the functional state of the endometrium. Some of the methods used for detecting enzymes are technically difficult and the results obtained are often equivocal owing to diffusion-artefacts. In addition, the numerous investigators of different laboratories have employed diverse methods on dissimilar material, making it difficult to evaluate or compare their results.

1965) confirmed the data of NOYES et al. Recent advances in hormone therapy in gynecology Pseudo· of have required that we attempt + stratification Glandular Epith Iinl Cclls to learn how estrogen and progesterone act on the endo+U"s,,1 \ ·acuol s metrium under normal and pathological conditions. Alkal special stains (particularly Pho phata e with acridine orange fluorochromation, the gallocyanin Acid + Phosphatase chromalum stain, and the PAS reaction) we can detect subtle Mitoses (- ) changes in ovarian function + alld DXA ( •.

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