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By David O. Norris

This sequence of volumes represents a complete and built-in remedy of replica in vertebrates from fishes of all types via mammals. it truly is designed to supply a readable, coordinated description of reproductive fundamentals in every one workforce of vertebrates in addition to an creation to the most recent traits in reproductive study and our knowing of reproductive occasions. while every one bankruptcy and every quantity is meant to face by myself as a assessment of that subject or vertebrate staff, respectively, the volumes are ready in an effort to offer a radical topical therapy around the vertebrates. Terminology has been standardized around the volumes to minimize confusion the place a number of names exist within the literature, and a accomplished word list of those phrases and their replacement names is provided.

  • A whole, crucial and recent reference for learn scientists engaged on vertebrate hormones and replica - and on animlals as versions in human reproductive research
  • Covers the endocrinology, neuroendocrinology, body structure, behaviour and anatomy of vertebrate reproduction
  • Structured assurance of the foremost subject matters for all 5 vertebrate teams permits a constant therapy for all
  • Special chapters intricate on positive factors particular to person vertebrate teams and to comparative facets, similarities and changes among them

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