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She gives birth to two children, a daughter and a son; the son eventually becomes a man of high position and weds the elder daughter of a chief. However, after he sleeps with his wife's younger sister, she has a child that she abandons; this child is, in turn, found by the bear. Benally's retelling of the story is followed by the last four lines of the House Made of Dawn prayer, invoking beauty all around the speaker. Finally, Benally returns once again to his memory of the previous night, of the farewell party and his and Abel's compact to remember each other and meet again.

The peyote ritual presided over by Tosamah is the ceremonial expression of a religious movement that originated in north central Mexico, from where it spread northward through the southern plains and eventually became diffused throughout North America. In the course of adaptation to conditions in the United States, the peyote religion incorporated Christian elements. For instance, it is clear in House Made of Dawn that the ceremony is a communion ritual similar to other Christian communion services.

The officer then struck Abel's hands with his flashlight, not breaking them but causing severe swelling and bruising. Benally recalls Abel brooding on the episode, as he had brooded in resentment at Tosamah's mockery. Abel's sullenness and passive-aggressive withdrawal had increased from this point. Benally remembers another episode from this period: a trip to the western edge of the city and Abel's sighting of Angela. The two men had gone to deliver some merchandise from the carton factory, and while Benally was unloading the truck, Abel caught sight of Angela going into a department store.

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