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Newly revised, and entirely up-to-date, the best way to purchase a Diamond is the one publication out there to incorporate wholesalers' mystery pricing charts that you simply, the general public, by no means get to work out! The charts are damaged down by means of carat, readability and color-including a few of the grades of colour, for the 1st time ever. This worthwhile source provides the knowledge you want to get a stone that will not depart you feeling cheated.

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Yellow diamonds are worth less than white diamonds, but they still have value. And if a diamond contains so much nitrogen that it’s very bright yellow, it can be worth quite a bit. Bright yellow diamonds are known as “canary diamonds,” and they’re more valuable than light yellow diamonds. Corresponding Grading Corresponding grading means matching clarity grades with color grades. For every clarity grade, there’s a color grade that corresponds, or makes the best match in determining value. qxd:Layout 1 6/12/08 10:41 AM Page 27 1 Chapter The 4 Cs don’t, and therefore have higher resale value.

They should be 10X, or 10-power magnification, and the housing around the lens should be black so as not to distort the color of the stone. The Federal Trade Commission requires diamond grading to be done with a 10X magnifier, and any flaw that can’t be seen under 10X magnification is considered nonexistent. Here are the clarity grades of diamonds, as established by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA): Flawless Free from inclusions and blemishes when viewed under 10X magnification. Very rare and very expensive.

How to Spot Clarity Grades Note: All plottings that follow show what inclusions and blemishes look like in the different clarity grades when viewed under 10X magnification. com. In the plotting of the flawless diamond, you will notice there are no marks, meaning the diamond has no inclusions or blemishes. qxd:Layout 1 6/12/08 10:41 AM Page 10 How to Buy a Diamond In the plottings of the internally flawless diamond, there are no inclusions. But you will notice the slight markings representing slight blemishes.

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