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To see how each factor relates to valvelift, assume the lift profile of the cam remains unchanged. If this is the case, valve-lift is affected by pivot- pillar height (arrow 1 of Fig. 3-2), cam base circle (arrow 2), radius of pad on follower (arrow 3), radius of pad bearing on the valve tip (arrow 4), and the valve length (arrow 5). Dealing with point 1, increasing the pivot pillar height within a reasonable range of the normal, produces increased lift. However this is not great value because pivot height depends upon the cam's base circle, the relative positions of the two pads on the follower and the position required for correct running clearances.

The smoothing operation must only remove the barest minimum of coating. Analysing the advantages given by this coating reveals some interesting possibilities. Most obvious should b e a horsepower increase. Coating the pistons alone can b e worth between three and five percent more bhp. If the pistons and combustion chamber faces a r e done, add another one or two percent on top of that. If you have a race engine that you are struggling to get over 200 bhp, then just coating these parts could be worth up to another 10 bhp; that's something worth thinking about.

I. Ll--l- t - -ace. have now covered all lllC easily calculable vo:lumes. ram here on, a 1:kurette 01r pipette will -- ----neecied. :will lone by pouring fluid intc :es to be measured. I Lracy is essential. 4 of a ratio off t he inten'ded figure. Effects of ice temnsion can I suremenits unles: ; precau tions aken. -. -pipene ro rmni . rs is 80 percent water anld 20 :ent alcohol and two or 1three --as of food colouring. t the PO~SO~OUS alcohol and substitute id soap. 1,. rn-. 3 such t kit it is just a little waiy off beir~glevel.

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