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By Dale (Slade) Henson

3 of the mythical Blades of Corusk were unearthed, and their powers have confirmed to be all that the stories claimed. Youu were given those to take advantage of within the quest for the remainder blades. besides the fact that, be aware has unfold to the peoples of the neighboring parts, and teams are operating opposed to you to avoid your securing those swords. pay attention the carry of the Stonefist and the Rovers of the Barren! in simple terms quite a bit time is still so that you can find the final Blades of Corusk... and your enemies are at the horizon. locate the blades, and reclaim your birthright of honor and recognize; fail, and be outcast out of your tribes for all times. the alternative is yours.

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The weak magic is from the Alteration school. The stronger magic comes from the Abjuration, Alteration, Divination, and Conjuration/ Summoning schools. The strong magic originates from the sword and its abilities. The weak magical aura emanates from a polymorph spell cast upon the sword and its case. Detect Poison: None. Divination: It is impossible to predict what the players ask when using this spell. The Dungeon Master is advised to shroud the answer in riddle, poetry, or parable. Find naps: Inconclusive.

This gives them the edge they require in order to cast their oppression upon people who would normally fight a weaker tyrant. When the Blades of Corusk are brought together to awaken the Great God of the north, 11-12 steps in before the spell runs its course; he does this to deny the Great God his awakening, and to make the barbarians believe he is the Great God. He then instructs the barbarians to rampage through the very heart of Oerik to incite his oppressive demands. The swords, brought together, are the only way to awaken the Great God.

If the characters try to retrieve their horses, it takes them ld6 rounds to reach the stables, but the men in the village notice them within ld6 rounds. Taking one round to mount a horse and kick it into action makes the prospect even more of a gamble. If the characters’ d6 roll is 2 pips less than that of the village men, they successfully escape. Any other result means the villagers attempt to pull the characters off the horses. The PCs must each roll a successful Dexterity Check: to stay on their horses.

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