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This name offers 4 perform exams with examination abilities education and perform, and precise motives of answers.Four perform exams with examination talents education and perform, and unique factors of solutions. particular examination truth dossier. suggestions with the proper process for all initiatives. increase your abilities initiatives to concentration inexperienced persons at the correct process. 4 whole IELTS tests with educational analyzing and writing modules. distinct explanatory key with pattern writing

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Checkyour answerson page41 beforeyou continue the examiner's Besureyou understand lf not,askfor the question. repetition. speculate, contrast,maKea comparisonor suggestion. relatedto Youwill be askedsomequestionsabout more abstractissuesand concegtts lastsbetween the topicin Part 2. This discussion four andfive minutes. Personalsuccess 1 How doespresent-daysocietymeasurethe successof an individual? 2 How can we ensurethat more people achievetheir aims in life? 3 Would you rather be successfulin your job or in your social life?

Arelikelyto be:they may not be in the sameorder A:'thesimilar... sizeof wolfpacksandearlyhumanclans' asthe informationin the B:'before the development of .. permanent humansettlements' text. Foreach,finda secondreference to confirmyouranswer. Lookfor a paraphrase of youranswers on page40 beforeyoucontinue. eachstatementin the list, F Check possiblyin morethanone part. Lightlycrossoff the list anystatements whichare contradictedby the text. Fillin the answers on your answersheetin anyorder. 30 lILTS PracticeTests Which FOUR of thefollowing statementsare made in the text?

What do the numberson the verticalaxisshow? c What doesthe horizontalaxisshow? Whenwasthe trend most or leastnoticeable? e Whichperiodshowsa deviationfrom the trend for somecountries? > Checkyour answerson page41 beforeyou continue. Youshouldspendabout 20 minutes on this task. The graph below showsfour countries of residenceof overseasstudents in Australia. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comltarisons where relevant. Write at least 150words. rggc 1992 1994 1996 1*98 2000 CompositionStrategies: reporting main features Decidewhichpointsyou will includeand how youwill organizethem.

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