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"It used to be whereas educating quite a few seminars on a variety of programming languages that writer Daniel Solis discovered the mammoth strength diagrams have in explaining programming language thoughts. most folks examine swifter and continue info larger whilst the fabric is gifted in a fresh, uncomplicated, visible layout. And that procedure is strictly what you’ll locate in Illustrated C# 2010. Solis makes use of concise textual content and bulleted lists, tables to explain and summarize language positive factors, in addition to his popular, ubiquitous figures and diagrams. each one language function is illustrated with a concise and concentrated code pattern for whole readability. the result's a distinct consultant that can assist you comprehend and get to paintings with C# fast.In Illustrated C# 2010, you’ll obtain an outline of the .NET platform and the function performed via C#, after which you’ll circulate into exploring the C# language in its entirety, together with all of the new C# 2010 beneficial properties down to the main advanced subject matters focused on C#. If you’re a C++ or VB programmer migrating to C# 2010, this ebook could be precious; the original visible strategy deals a much from light-weight remedy of C# 2010, so even the main skilled programmers will come away with a deeper figuring out of the C# language.What youll learnDetails of the C# 2010 language offered in a transparent, concise remedy New gains within the newest model of .NET, within the author’s certain visible kind How C# differs from and is identical to different programming languages, supporting migrating C++ and VB programmers who already understand how languages paintings Who this booklet is forVisual easy programmers drawn to relocating to C# C++ programmers attracted to relocating to C# amateur programmers attracted to studying C# scholars in introductory programming periods studying C# "

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Microsoft also supplies a tool called the Native Image Generator, or Ngen, which takes an assembly and produces native code for the current processor. Code that’s been run through Ngen avoids the JIT compilation process at run time. NET FRAMEWORK Overview of Compilation and Execution The same compilation and execution process is followed regardless of the language of the original source files. Figure 1-5 illustrates the entire compilation and run-time processes for three programs written in different languages.

Whitespace in source code is ignored by the compiler, but is used by the programmer to make the code clearer and easier to read. Some of the whitespace characters include the following: • Space • Tab • New line • Carriage return For example, the following code fragments are treated exactly the same by the compiler in spite of their differences in appearance. ");} 21 CHAPTER 2  OVERVIEW OF C# PROGRAMMING Statements The statements in C# are very similar to those of C and C++. This section introduces the general form of statements; the specific statement forms are covered in Chapter 9.

It’s generally a bad idea, however, to have identifiers that differ only in the case of some of the letters, because they’re easily confused. As an example, in the following code snippet, the variable declarations are all valid and declare different integer variables. But using such similar names will make coding more error-prone and debugging more difficult. Those debugging your code at some later time will not be pleased. // Valid syntactically, but don't do this! int totalCycleCount; int TotalCycleCount; int TotalcycleCount; 18 CHAPTER 2  OVERVIEW OF C# PROGRAMMING Naming Conventions The C# Language Specification suggests that certain casing conventions be used in creating identifiers.

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