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By Dr. Elizabeth Birchall

A comprehensive research of the bee's position in human society from prehistoric cave work and inscribed clay pills, via to our modern world

Covering every little thing about the relationships among human society and bees, this ebook is filled with nuggets of bee technological know-how and useful beekeeping, fantasy, faith, politics, philosophy, and folklore, plus a variety of verse and a wealthy number of illustrations starting from medical etchings to fashionable pictures. It additionally bargains an in-depth examine bees' advanced society and their current plight. the continuing political and scientific controversies relating to insecticides and different threats also are mentioned, given the bee's value as plant pollinator in agriculture and the wild.

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More disturbingly, his popular biology text published in the Nazi era, You and Life, advocates a eugenics policy that mirrors nature’s ruthlessness, to prevent defectives overwhelming the ‘most valuable’ human stock. Worker bees’ instincts are depicted in terms redolent of women’s kinder, kirche, küche role. Eva Crane (1912-2007) Anyone enquiring about bees is very soon led to Eva Crane’s monumental writings and, after reading her World History of Bees and Beekeeping, wonders what else there is to say or discover.

In memory of a beloved beekeeper, Margaret Theresa Bickley You called them your girls, all Hundred and sixty thousand patrolling The flower borders, fizzing Along the cypress corridor Back to the hives. Their honey Spread over our lives Those few summers. That blizzard winter Of drift-blocked doors, Already ill, you watched From the window While I struggled to lace Straw duvets round the hives But could not save lives. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am deeply indebted to Polly Coles for her role as critical reader and for her confidence in the book.

And yet scientists found enough to chart Their evolution from early wasps To our familiar garden friends. This year A fragment from the Weald’s Cretaceous times Washed up on Bexhill’s beach – a wasp cocoon Latticed with finest amber threads. Fig. dk The honeybee (apis mellifera) is the most successful and prosperous species, living in complex, self-perpetuating societies with populations up to 60,000, hanging from rock faces, filling hollow trees or gladly occupying man-made hives. Historically esteemed for their honey, even more important to the whole biosphere is their great efficiency as pollinators.

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