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By Juliet Miller

During this publication, a unusual variety of members, together with novelist Hilary Mantel and Germaine Greer, learn the adventure of infertility from either female and male views, the mental elements of infertility analysis and therapy, and the customarily radical and unforeseen results on kinship.

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I try to fill the gap by being ferociously over-busy at work. And at home—I take my temperature; I use a prediction kit. We practise abstinence before I ovulate. But every time we make love I feel myself tensing up, will I, won’t I? Is this the moment? I feel I should be more relaxed, less wound up and preoccupied. But somehow having a child has become the most important achievement. Funny, up till recently I wasn’t at all bothered but now I can’t even stand seeing other people’s babies. I prefer to stay at home…’ Diagnosis of infertility With postponement of childbearing and environmental pathogens, problems appear to be on the increase.

2000) ‘ “Behind the shut door”—a psychoanalytical approach to premature menopause’, ch. 5 in D. Singer and M. Hunter (eds) Premature Menopause—a Multidisciplinary Approach, London: Whurr, pp. 79–97. Chapter 6 Mourning the never born and the loss of the Angel Juliet Miller Juliet Miller is a Jungian psychoanalyst. To see the Annunciation, a fresco by Fra Angelico in San Marco in Florence, you approach the painting from below. It is on the wall at the top of a steep flight of steps that lead up to the monks’ cells.

The eggs did fertilise in the dish [in vitro]. ’ Thus, if new reproductive techniques offer hope where barrenness has resided, their positive aspects are also fraught with conflict. It seems that science fiction technological interventions, taking place not ‘out there’ but actually lived out in the innermost space of a woman’s body and the inner sanctum of a couple’s home, resuscitate archaic unconscious puzzlement about where babies come from and wild theories of how they are made. Increasingly, experts take on the aura of seemingly omnipotent fertile but withholding parents.

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