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By B. Singer (auth.), Christopher W. Lawrence (eds.)

Concern is frequently expressed that our surroundings may possibly contain an more and more huge number of mutagens, however the volume of the capability possibility they pose has but to be totally evaluated. numerous empirical systems has been devised with which to estimate the mutagenic efficiency of suspect brokers, and the relative advantages of alternative exams are presently lower than debate. even though such exams are of serious worth, and are certainly crucial, they don't seem to be, however, adequate. within the long-term, exact estimation of possibility also will require a greater figuring out of some of the mechanisms of mutagenesis, and sometimes those stay remarkably elusive. Our wisdom and appreciation of the matter has elevated considerably over the past few years, however the specified manner within which many mutagens reason mutations isn't really but identified. The goals of this convention have been as a result two-fold. the 1st used to be to survey current information regarding mutagenic mechanisms, drawing jointly information from paintings with a variety of experimental methods and organisms, with a view to figure the rules governing the motion of other mutagens. the second one used to be to check the consequences of such ideas for the execution and assessment of try methods, and seriously determine the study components that want additional realization so as to increase the translation of try effects. Chris Lawrence v ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We gratefully recognize the aid supplied for this convention by way of the U.,S. division of power, the root for Microbiology, Exxon company and the collage of Rochester.

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Bisulfite serves as a strong mutagen in barley, when applied to seeds at 7-10 ruM ('";4) Depression of the mitotic index was produced by bisulfite concentrations above 2 mM in the root meristeM of the puff bean, Vicia faba, and by low concentrations of gaseous S02 in germinating pollen tube cultures of Tradescantia. Effects on Mammalian Cells and Mammals Studies on cells in culture have been run using mouse liver cells, chick embryo and mouse fibroblasts, Hela cells, human embryonic lung cells, and human lymphocytes.

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