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Two possibilities are a wire per switch contact or a single wire with distinct voltages present at each contact. In the limit of large N, the latter type of device is the potentiometer. It is enticing to think of the limit as meaning that an arbitrary number of voltages can be obtained, but this is not true. Introduction to Input Devices 37 As an example of the information content of a simple input device consider the keyboard. 923 X 1028 configurations of the keys (states). This is a large number.

2898cmA:. 6) For temperatures around 2500 K, tungsten emits roughly 5 percent of its radiation in the visible region, with a peak wavelength in the micrometer (near infrared) region. 5 W of optical power. For nonthermal emitters, the spectral range is a function of the atomic processes producing the radiation and the method used to excite them. They range from < 1 nm bandwidth for lasers and some line emission phosphors to several hundred nm. Nonthermal emitters include: • CRT phosphors excited by the CRT electron beam, • fluorescent lamp phosphors excited by ultraviolet radiation from a gas discharge in the lamp, • light emitting diodes (LEDs) excited by the current density in the active region, and • lasers with a variety of excitation mechanisms.

In a high resolution CRT, high field, high frequency sources abound in the deflection circuits, in the dynamic focus circuits, and in some cases in the beam energy itself. The chief disadvantage of optical transducers is contamination of the optical path by environmental contaminants such as dust and spilled coffee. A particularly bad environment for this is the CRT, where the high electrostatic potential of the faceplate charges, attracts, and collects dust. Detectors. While there are a wide variety of light sources applicable to input devices, the almost universal choice for detector is the silicon photodiode or phototransistor.

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