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Grzimeks scholar Animal existence source: bugs and Spiders bargains readers complete and easy-to-use details on Earths insects. Entries are prepared through taxonomy, the technological know-how during which residing issues are labeled into similar teams. every one access comprises sections on actual features

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Insects and Spiders

Grzimeks scholar Animal existence source: bugs and Spiders deals readers complete and easy-to-use details on Earths insects. Entries are prepared via taxonomy, the technology in which dwelling issues are labeled into similar teams. every one access comprises sections on actual features

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The abdomen may also have paired appendages underneath. The reproductive organs are usually found on the midsection xxxiv Grzimek’s Student Animal Life Resource or near the front of the abdomen. There are about sixty-seven thousand species, most of which live in the ocean. Classifications help scientists sort and identify species, as well as organize and locate information about them. But the system of classification is not carved in stone. As understanding of these animals continues to improve, classifications will also change.

Over the centuries more people have died from diseases carried by arthropods than any other reason. Even today, more people die from malaria and yellow fever, diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, than from HIV/AIDS, cancer, accidents, and wars. Spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and other arthropods are not often pests but are considered nuisances when they enter homes. The venomous bites of some spiders and centipedes may be painful but are seldom lifethreatening for healthy adults. These and other pests are effectively controlled by integrated pest management, or IPM.

Images of arthropods were once used to decorate the brightly painted borders of other important religious books and papers. They have influenced language with such words as lousy, nitpicker, grubby, and beetle-browed. Beetles have also inspired the names of a worldfamous rock group and a well-known German automobile. INSECTS AND SPIDERS AS PESTS Insects are humanity’s greatest competitors and cause huge economic losses when they feed on timber, stored foods, pastures, and crops. Termites and other insects infest and weaken wood used to build homes, businesses, floors, cabinets, and furniture.

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