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By Dave Stewart

This is often the follow-up publication to "The Musician's consultant To studying and Writing Music". it really is written good and it is easy to understand.

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L. a. m? sica desconcierta al an? lisis. Ese arte de l. a. presencia, que no muestra ning? n objeto, que no es m? s que una acumulaci? n de mediadores --instrumentos, partituras, int? rpretes, escenarios, medios de comunicaci? n. .. --, parece ser, sin embargo, l. a. encarnaci? n de los angeles inmediatez, l. a. expresi?

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Html[21/02/2009 22:25:15] next page > page_43 < previous page page_43 next page > Page 43 Major 7/9/#11 Chords Having come this far, we can also add a 2nd or 9th to the chord, which makes a denser but still well-balanced sound: The coup de grace comes when we raise the sharp 4th an octave to become a sharp 11th: I love this chordif I had to take just one voicing with me to a desert island, this would be it. Like its minor 11th brother, it consists of two pairs of perfect 5ths separated by a narrow interval, in this case a tone.

So does the 5 chord exist? I'm delighted to report that it does, and has recently been sighted in large numbers off the shores of Newfoundland. We can arrive at it by performing this musical equation: The result is a C minor 7 5 chord, which might be accompanied melodically by the perfect 4th, diminished 5th and minor 6th intervals. ) Flattened 6th ( 6) Chords An agreeable way to squeeze a minor 6th interval into a chord is to add it to a major triad.

The third, which determines whether a chord is major or minor. The perfect fifth, which combines with the root to give a chord sonic strength. ) are added. Any of the three may be omitted from a chord voicing as the composer desires, but when present, they have a powerful effect on a chord's sound. After a while, you will begin to recognise their effect, and that's when you will be able to name chords just by hearing them. This is not a trick or a special skill, just a question of familiarity. Returning to our A sus 2 chord, you will notice that it consists of the two fundamental notes A and E (root in octave position and 5th respectively) to which a top note of B (the 2nd or 9th) is added.

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