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By Kathleen DuVal

This reader offers very important files for colonial American heritage, together with new English translations of non-English records. It displays present scholarship and instructing that incorporates all of North the US and non-Europeans within the tale of colonial the United States, that is now not easily the tale of the 13 colonies that revolted opposed to the British Empire but additionally of Spaniards, French, Dutch, Africans, and numerous local americans.

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16 They have plenty of it, just like in Brazil, and eat it instead of bread. In their language they call it kagaige. They also have plums, which they dry for the winter just the way we do, called honesta, and figs, nuts, pears, apples, and other fruits, and beans, which they call sahé; the nuts, caheya. . If you show them anything that they don’t have and don’t know what is, they shake their heads and say nouda, which means they don’t have any and don’t know what it is. They explained by gestures how their own things grow and how they use them.

17. ” 18. The sons’ names were Taignoagny and Domagaia. 19. By leaving the Gulf of St. Lawrence and heading back to the open sea, Cartier misses the fact that he was at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, the view of which is obstructed by an island, Île d’Anticosti. However, Taignoagny and Domagaia described the river to him on their way back to France, and they all returned the next year. On that second visit, relations between Cartier and the Iroquoians went badly, and Cartier kidnapped Taignoagny and Domagaia along with some others and forcibly carried them back to France, where they died without seeing their homeland again.

Those women don’t engage in womanly activities. Instead they arm themselves with bows and arrows like those canes I mentioned, and they cover themselves with plates of copper, which they have plenty of. They tell me there is another island larger than Española where the people have no hair on their heads and there is gold beyond measure, and I am bringing Indians with me bearing witness of those and other islands. In conclusion, speaking only of this one voyage, which was just a rapid run, their Highnesses can see that I will give them however much gold they need with what little aid they give me now: spices and cotton as much as they call for, and as much as they order to be shipped to them of mastic9 .

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