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By Carl Sargent

This sourcebook information the various lands Iuz controls; his darkish clergymen and their magic; Iuz's fiendish allies from the Abyss; his marauding humanoid armies and raiders; and masses, even more. those are lands of ineffable evil, a beacon for adventurers looking glory inside of their perilous borders. Servants of excellent, arrange your guns and prepared your spells, for there aren't any demanding situations better in all of the Flanaess than these of the Lands of Iuz.

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The priest Ehldern Bloodspitter is another notable Free Reaver, a man of utter demavitv and mindless sadism. The Free &avers currently ally with luz, raiding into the Bandit Lands, hunting- in the Shield Lands and. rarely, the Fellreev. They actually hold luz's priests in contempt, just as they did the Hierarchs, but since Iuz's priests simply direct, rather than restrict, their raiding, the Free Reavers go along with them, for the time being at least. The Reavers' lands are virtually devoid of any living folk.

Same of the people have melted away into the Fellreev and are in communioation with the Hierarch Nezmajen, the one fortmate survivor 04 Iuz's coup. The local folk here know the truth about the "Hierarchs" in Mol@ these days and they resist Iuz's forces. Sometimes local banditry will attack Iuz's forces. but onlv if thev outnumber their enemies. The local people blame such attacks on Fellreev bandits, not men from their own lands. Other times, sahotage, kidnapping, spying, and subtler seditions are used by the people here.

And norkers live in the southern city warrens, the humans in the north. uupply 1uz's armies there. Finally. llolag 1s set hack somi ova mrles tmm the VeP, anal relatively little river traffic heads down that river to Molag, sin& the risk of strikes against it from the western Furyondian armies is too great a hazard. Along the Veng The eastern river bank here is well-patrolled hy souther hobgoblin troops, who have B few waystation camp which are fairly ramshackle affairs. Larger patrols an, camp garrisons will usually have one or more fiends, gen erally babau, as leaders and commanders.

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