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Webseitenlayout mit CSS

Keine Angst vor CSS! Auch in Zeiten von Joomla! und WordPress sorgen Cascading variety Sheets fur unverwechselbares Webseitendesign. Anhand von 23 Praxisbeispielen zeigt der erfahrene Webentwickler, Dozent und coach Clemens Gull, wie Sie CSS gezielt einsetzen und welche Designeffekte Sie damit erzielen konnen.

Web-Programmierung: Softwareentwicklung mit Internet-Technologien — Grundlagen, Auswahl, Einsatz — XHTML & HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, Java

Endlich zuverlässiges Wissen zur Entwicklung von Internet-Anwendungen - alles in einem Buch. Das Buch eignet sich sowohl für den Einsatz in der Praxis wie auch als Lehrbuch. Orientierung für die Software-Entwicklung im net und Intranet kompakt und verständlich: Ab sofort müssen Sie das Wissen, das Sie benötigen, nicht mehr aus vielen Büchern zusammensuchen.

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According to this approach, instead of spending time trying to write script that will run in ancient browsers, simply block them from the playing field and focus your attention on developing code for the modern ones. If, as we recommend, you’ve engineered your site so that all the core content and functionality are provided by HTML delivered from the server, you won’t have to feel negligent if you prevent legacy browsers from trying to run your script. Relax — everyone will be able to use your site.

One of the consequences of considering JavaScript last instead of first in the planning process is that we’ll often discover that much of a web site’s functionality that we might have expected to hand over to JavaScript is instead handled perfectly well by other, more universally supported technologies. We should ask JavaScript to perform only those functions that are outside the reach of core browser functionality such as HTML rendering and CSS styling. For example, navigation links should be marked up as functional hyperlinks regardless of whether JavaScript adds any spice to the mix.

The principal of progressive enhancement guides us first to deliver the content from the server to the client in HTML markup, without relying on JavaScript for core functionality. A web site should be fully usable and navigable, with all its public content exposed to all user agents, including those that don’t support scripting . . such as search engines! After that, we use JavaScript to enhance the visitor’s experience and make it faster, easier, more attractive, or more fun in browsers with JavaScript enabled.

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