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2345. –– Divide by 12: Any number is divisible by 12 exactly if it is divisible by 3 and 4 exactly. ●● Two or more even numbers multiplied together always produce an even number. ●● Two or more odd numbers multiplied together always produce an odd number. ●● Any string of numbers multiplied together that includes at least one even number always produces an even number. ●● Square numbers: A square number is the result of a number being multiplied by itself. For example 4 × 4 (16) is written 42 and called 4 squared.

Q3 Answer Which two letters come next? A C F H K M ? Q4 Answer What letters should replace the question marks? A CD ??? JKLM OPQRS Answer Verbal aptitude Q5 A C F D F F H K I K N H K Which is the missing section? H I I H L L M M P O P O A B C Q6 D Answer AZ CX FU JQ ?? What letters come next? Q7 Answer ABDC BCED CDFE DEGF ???? What letters come next? Q8 Answer A G L P ? What letter comes next? Q9 Answer ABDEHIMN?? Which two letters come next? Answer Q10 MN LO JQ GT ?? Which two letters come next?

Q3 Change the position of five words only in the sentence below in order for it to make complete sense. Many writers keep bedsides at their thoughts and force dreams to arouse from their half-sleep to jot these ideas, themselves and creative notepads down. Q4 Change the position of four words only in the sentence below in order for it to make complete sense. In order to fully recognize ourselves we need to understand and be ourselves for what we are, rather than what we would like to know. Q5 Change the position of four words only in the sentence below in order for it to make complete sense.

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