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Biography: Jesse Chisholm

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Physically, these Indians didn't seem to be any different from the Creole people except in dress and language, but there was a gulf between the two. It was during this period of Chisholm's life that he saw the difference first-hand, which was manifested by the utter contempt, bordering on hatred, that whites had toward Indians. Although Jesse was part Cherokee, he didn't inherit the physical characteristics of his Indian relatives. Jesse had never been more acutely aware of that difference until he watched in stunned disbelief the abuses being heaped upon the Indian traders.

Unwarranted attacks on Cheyennes in Kansas and Colorado and Comanches in Texas had made all the tribes uneasy. S. troops were around their lands. S. negotiators, Jesse told General Harney to bring only such troops necessary for pomp and ceremony. He told him and the commissioners that the Comanches would be suspect of any large buildup of soldiers, and that a large cadre of troops would set off a deadly response. Jesse also requested food and favors for all who attended. And he warned commissioners to be ready to answer some ugly questions.

His response was noncommittal and caused me to be qualmish. I worried over what I had gotten myself into by pushing for this meeting. En route to LaPorte, I discussed with Mr. Dobie the colonel's reaction to my call. The great Texas writer said he would understand if the meeting didn't go well and that we would simply excuse ourselves and leave if Colonel Houston didn't feel comfortable with us. My worries left me when Houston invited us into his home. The meeting was a success from my viewpoint, primarily because Mr.

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