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By Bert Hölldobler, Edward O. Wilson

Hailed as "a masterpiece" by means of medical American and as "the maximum of all entomology books" through technological know-how, Bert Holldobler and Edward O. Wilson's enormous treatise The Ants additionally used to be praised within the renowned press and received a Pulitzer Prize. This overwhelming good fortune attests to a truth lengthy recognized and deeply felt via the authors: the countless fascination in their tiny matters. This fascination unearths its complete expression in trip to the Ants, an outline of myrmecology that also is an eloquent story of the authors' pursuit of those dazzling insects.

Richly illustrated and delightfully written, trip to the Ants combines autobiography and medical lore to exhibit the buzz and delight the research of ants can provide. The authors interweave their own adventures with the social lives of ants, development, from the 1st minute observations of adolescence, a impressive account of those considerable bugs' evolutionary achievement.

Accompanying Holldobler and Wilson, we peer into the colony to determine how ants cooperate and make battle, how they reproduce and bury their lifeless, how they use propaganda and surveillance, and the way they express a startlingly known ambivalence among allegiance and self-aggrandizement.

This unique journey of the full variety of formicid biodiversity - from social parasites to military ants, nomadic hunters, camouflaged huntresses, and lively developers of temperature-controlled skyscrapers - opens out more and more into normal heritage, intimating the relevance of ant lifestyles to human existence.

A window at the global of ants in addition to those that examine them, this booklet may be a wealthy resource of data and delight for someone who has ever stopped to ask yourself concerning the miniature but enormous civilization at our toes. [description from GoodReads]

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Although most of the queens flew out of the area soon after mating, the males remained behind to continue their sexual attempts. Within a few days they died there. Year after year Holldobler returned in July to the same spot and always found the harvester-ant swarms active. Although the individual queens and males were forever new, having been born nevertheless somehow found their way area was similar to the leks of birds to the that very year, they same patch of ground. This and antelopes, places where males return each year to sing and display to one another and whatever females they can entice to join them.

If the after concep- The genes merely provide The controlling One among species. larva. Another growing up. mother ant Still is is is the another healthy, she produces secretions during most of the year that inhibit the larvae from developing into queens. In this one category the mother deserves the name we have given her —queen, or determines whether an offspring will ruler of the colony. She not only be male or female, but also assigns caste to her daughters. Yet even here, the ultimate, parliamentary control.

The Life years or longer. in the millions of and Death species of other insects, including even the legendary 17-year cicadas. One mother queen of an Australian carpenter ant kept in a laboratory nest flourished for 23 years, producing thousands of offspring before she faltered in her reproduction and ently of old age. Several queens of Lasius flavus, the mound-building ant of European meadows, have in captivity. ant, The world record for ants, held by a queen of Lasius ally, is which niger, yellow for insects gener- European black sidewalk also lives in forests.

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