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By Sangeeta M. Sonak

This ebook elaborates at the Khazan ecosystems of Goa, India. Khazans are human-managed ecosystems, that are reclaimed from coastal wetlands, salt marshes and mangrove parts, the place tidal impression is regulated via a hugely based procedure of dykes, canals, furrows, and sluice gates utilizing assets which are amply on hand in the neighborhood. Khazan ecosystems are marvels of tribal engineering. they're a uncomplicated architectural layout, which function at a truly low operating fee utilizing tidal, hydro, and solar power. The layout contributes to a hugely advanced yet green atmosphere integrating agriculture, aquaculture and salt panning. . Khazan ecosystems were sensible for the final 3500 years. The background of Khazans is especially historic and will be traced to the transition from meals amassing to meals becoming, which has been considered as the most important step within the heritage of human civilization. Khazan ecosystems therefore have a excessive old and global history price. also they are repositories of worldwide biodiversity, with distinctive plants compatible to their special and hugely variable surroundings. they're endemic and history ecosystems of Goa and eventually reservoirs of background and heritage.

Using the instance of the Khazan lands, the publication analyzes and reviews on conventional ecological wisdom and indigenous know-how. It offers the evolution of Khazan administration associations over a interval of greater than 3 thousand years, in addition to elements that experience contributed to its decline lately. It develops a conceptual framework for surroundings functionality and indicates ideas for conservation of Khazans in addition to suggestions to construct on those indigenous version mechanisms to deal with the worldwide environmental change.

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The production of salt in Goa in 1960 was about 4,666 tonnes (Almeida 2013). However, salt production in Goa has drastically reduced in the recent years. 5 Agriculture A fixed monsoon season (June–September) and ample rainwater in Goa helps farmers to have monsoon-based agriculture, even in otherwise saline soils. 1 Introduction 25 on the monsoon season. Kharif is the crop grown during monsoon and vaingon is the crop grown in the post monsoon season in some areas, where water is available. Rice (Oryza sativa) is the main food crop cultivated all over Goa.

Poiem acts as a reservoir of water, in case of dry spell of monsoons. While it acts to store required amount of water for the dry season, it also collects excess water during floods and storms and protects the field and nearby village. Further, it also serves as a genetic pool of eggs and 38 3 Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Sustainability in Khazans larvae of the estuarine aquatic fauna. Similarly, canoes, which are used for fishing, are traditionally protected from wood-boring and fouling organisms using oil (deek) made of cashew seeds (Anacardium occidentale).

Gaudas may have derived insights from varying weather conditions of Goa. The first crop from a seed may have been an element of chance. Later, gaudas may have learnt by trial and error method. They may have observed patterns of Goan weather. They may have noticed regularities and irregularities in the sequence of climatic events in Goa. They may have examined topography and contours of Goan 28 2 An Introduction to Goa and Khazan Ecosystems land. They may have scrutinized porosity and water-bearing capacity of lateritic soil.

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