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By Penny Warner

From a secret social gathering with fingerprint actions and secret meals to a Prehistoric social gathering with fossil digs and dinosaur crafts, this publication includes inventive principles for fifty subject events, together with feedback for invites, undefined, costumes, video games and different actions, foodstuff, and get together favors Radio & print exposure. .

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Cover half the cake with white frosting tinted blue, to look like the sea. 3. Cover the other half of the cake with white frosting and sprinkle brown sugar on top to look like sand. 4. Set toy Hawaiian dancers on the sand and have a tiny shark coming up out of the ocean. 5. Use candles as tiki torches. 1 0 ACTIVITIES • Give the kids coconuts and let them make funny faces out of the coconuts. Point out the two dark circles that form the coconut “eyes,” then give the kids puffy paints, regular paints, or felt-tip pens to create crazy coconut heads.

Create a name for your skating club and use that name to decorate the T-shirts. • Have the kids decorate their own T-shirts with puffy paints and glitter. • Have the kids come to the party dressed as punk skaters. 52 A G E S 8 DECORATIONS • You won’t have to worry about decorations if you go to a rink—the place is ready to go. But if you rent a private room for the party, bring along balloons, crepe paper, and other decorations, and spiff up the place while the kids are skating. • If you’re at the park, playground, or on the front sidewalk, add a few decorations to give your location a party atmosphere.

Blindfold the kids; serve them a food you have cooked before the party, and have them guess what the food is. Then reveal the treat. • Play Name That Ingredient. Have the kids taste a new food and guess the ingredients. Put something unusual in your recipe to make guessing a challenge, such as a banana in peanut butter cookies. EASY-BAKE MINI CAKES 1. Buy a large muffin tin or a set of small round cake pans. 2. Bake large muffins or small cakes, one for each guest; cool. 3. Give each guest a cake or muffin.

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