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With the smell of victory in the air, the mission had changed from containment to rollback. Although some UN members did not support UN forces operating north of the 38th parallel, the UN passed a resolution on October 7, 1959, recommending that Korea be unified. Despite the new UN resolution, Truman did not want the war to spread. MacArthur had received new orders. His new military objective was to destroy the North Korean armed forces. However, Truman did not want MacArthur’s troops engaging with the Chinese or Soviets.

4 Most of the men in Task Force Smith were green, meaning they had never seen combat. Their average age was 20. Because military spending had been drastically cut after World War II, many US soldiers did not have proper training or equipment. The South Korean forces were no better prepared and even younger. Later in the war, ROK forces were often teenage boys picked up off the street. South Korean police roamed the streets hunting for any man or boy capable of fighting. Then they gave each one a few hours of training and sent him into battle.

Indd 50 5/28/13 9:34 AM UN troops shoot at North Korean forces from behind a barricade during the Battle of Seoul. two would toss grenades through the windows to clear the inside and rush it. The teams would then reverse positions. 6 UN forces finally liberated the city on September 28. 7 On September 16, the day after the invasion of Inchon, At the start of the Korean War, approximately the Eighth Army began one-third of the North Korean troops had fought its offensive. It struggled during the Communist revolution in China.

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