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By Kathryn Bayne, Patricia V. Turner

Laboratory Animal Welfare offers a complete, updated look at the hot technological know-how of animal welfare inside laboratory learn. Animals in particular thought of comprise rodents, cats and canine, nonhuman primates, agricultural animals, avian animals and aquatic animals.

The ebook examines the effect of test layout and setting on animal welfare, in addition to emergency events and euthanasia practices. Readers will reap the benefits of a evaluation of laws and coverage instructions touching on lab animal use, in addition to details on assessing animal welfare. With discussions of the heritage and ethics of animals in study, and a debate on modern and foreign matters, this e-book is a go-to source for laboratory animal welfare.

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While cortisol is the hormone most associated with stress and poor welfare, it is not always the appropriate measure. Other neurochemicals, hormones, or blood parameters, usually in combination, would give a more complete picture of the animal's reactions if they could be obtained sufficiently frequently. However, their use in small laboratory animals, such as mice, is impractical because of the volume of blood needed. Subjective Evaluations In some cases, evaluations based on subjective standards are made regarding the animal's status.

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